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Plumber Dartford, The Base Dartford Business Park, Victoria Road, Dartford DA1 5FS


We received professional service! Arthur is very helpful and efficient. He arrived on time, gave a competitive quotation when other companies we spoke to quoted us much more. He detected the exact location of the leak, removed flooring carefully, fixed the leak and put everything back exactly the same way it used to be. We would definitely recommend Plumbing Dartford Company.

– Mr and Mrs Fearon, Dartford Residents

Professional and very responsive – Artur was quick to respond to my request and arrived exactly at the time he said he would and unblocked our toilet in no time. He also checked and fixed our leaking radiators while he was here. I would use this company again and recommend them to others in Dartford to use.

– Jane Johnson, Dartfor Council Employee

Andrew was very helpful and effective. He explained to us exactly what was wrong with our central heating system and told us what needs to be done to repair it. He returned the next day to check if everything was all right and even help us reset the boiler. Without any doubt he is experienced and offers professional service.

– Mrs Khan, Shopkeeper

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