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Leak Detection

According to our Dartford leak detection wizard, Jose, the most common place for water leaks to occur in Dartford homes, is within central heating systems and water supply systems. However, the reason for this is unknown. For pipe leaks, there are many possible causes, the majority of which cannot be prevented. The standard of care with which piping is installed will have a significant impact on the lifespan of the pipes and how susceptible they are to leaking. Causes of water leaks within the home include the deterioration and shifting of the pipes – often caused by the natural settling of the house’s foundations which can pull pipes apart or cause them to split. Temperature changes and different seasons can also cause pipes to split. It is due to how the metal reacts to temperature by expanding and shrinking, which, if it occurs too fast can cause the material to split. A blockage within the pipes can cause a build-up of pressure within the pipe. So, it will eventually cause the pipe to give way and split or break, causing a leak. For more information contact Jose, our Local Plumbing Dartford Company-based leak detection wizard.

Our Dartford Leak Detection Wizard at Your Service

Leaks which go unnoticed or ignored for too long can cause irreparable and extremely expensive damage to homes. Mainly, the most common problem caused by leaking pipes is mould and damp. It can lead to extensive damage to the home’s walls, flooring and personal possessions. It can also become a health risk to the home’s occupants. Leaking pipes may cause water damage to pipes and systems within close proximity. So, it lead to rusting and further leaks. Perhaps the two most dangerous effects of leaking pipes, according to our leak detection wizard are the risk of damaging electrical wiring within the home. It may lead to injury or fire – and flooding, which will cause extensive water damage and may result in further damage being caused to neighbouring properties.

Leak Detection Systems

Accordingly, Dartford leak detection systems are installed directly into the plumbing of the house; they contain cables which detect any contact with water – even a few millilitres will cause the system to activate. Depending on the sophistication of the system, a digital installation may be able to give the location of the leak. It means that your plumber can easily diagnose and repair the pipe, before significant damage is caused to your Dartford home. The early leak detection, diagnosis and repairing of leaks can save families hundreds of pounds in lost furniture and home repairs.

The pricing and sophistication of the systems will depend on your circumstances and needs, but it is becoming more and more common for home insurance companies to insist that leak detection systems are installed in Dartford homes, before policies can be taken out. It is a sensible investment to save money and time further down the road. So, our Dartford leak detection wizard will be happy to talk to you about other available possibilities. For more information contact us.

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